Connect : " Sculpture by Anton Smit, featuring works by Toni Ann Ballenden, Fatima Tayob Moosa, Jo Roets & Andrew Ntshabele."

Renowned Sculptor Anton Smit's "Connect" Exhibition opens at Artyli Gallery, February 10, 2024

Anton Smit's latest exhibition, "Connect," opening at Artyli Gallery on February 10, 2024, explores the profound connection between sculptures and the environment, emphasizing how art bridges the gap between human experience and surroundings.

Smit's creations go beyond conventional boundaries, providing viewers with a unique perspective on the spaces they inhabit, in both personal and public spaces. Strategically placed in shopping centres, parks, and gardens, these sculptures evoke emotions, enhance aesthetics, and seamlessly integrate into daily life, sparking conversations and interactions.

Designed for both public and private spaces, Anton Smit's abstract and figurative sculptures delve into the core of existence, capturing a nuanced blend of forms and emotions that mirror the universal human journey.

"Connect" invites the public to engage on a deeper level, fostering a connection between art, environment, and personal narrative. The exhibition transcends gallery confines, allowing diverse interactions, from taking selfies to contemplative moments in the shade.

Join us at Artyli Gallery in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, on February 10, 2024, to explore the powerful connection between Anton Smit's sculptures and the environment, experiencing art as a conduit to the rich tapestry of the human experience.

In addition to Anton Smit's compelling sculptures, "Connect" features brand new works by Toni Ann Ballenden, Ingrid Uys, Andrew Ntshabele, and Fatima Tayob Moosa. Artyli Gallery is also thrilled to welcome artist Jo Roets, showcasing her first work in the "Connect" exhibition.