Turbine Art Fair ” The Turning of the Tide ” a solo exhibition by Andrew Ntshabele

Don’t miss Artyli.com at the Turbine Art Fair, 21 – 24 July 2022, which showcases exceptional new works by Andrew Ntshabele. This solo exhibition entitled, “The Turning of the Tide” is indicative of a new direction in the works of Andrew Ntshabele.

These works reflect Andrew’s known style of assembling images from historical artefacts, such as books, magazines, letters and stamps, which form a collaged background for his figurative paintings. Andrew’s works are multifaceted as he engages with both the past and the present reflecting layers of history. As a young black contemporary artist, he uses his work to come to terms with his place in the world and, specifically, South Africa. Through his images, he acknowledges both colonialism and apartheid and how it did, and still does, impact on his life and those people he identifies with. He has found a way to authentically contemplate both the past and the present without needing to respond in an aggressive manner nor to simply brush over the past. Rather his intention for creating these artworks is to engage in a dialogue between different generations and historical events, in order to acknowledge the past and promote a sense of hope for a better future by affirming the importance of family and community.

Andrew is known for use of children in his works, often symbolic of hope, and creates a sense of strength and sincerity as they look back at the past, acknowledging it but not allowing it to overpower them. In each painting within this series, Andrew has selected specific images that are then juxtaposed to connote a particular experience from history.

These are large scale works in which the figures are larger than life. Andrew has concentrated on the depiction of the figures focusing on form and depth through his use of tone. His figures have a strong sense of three-dimensional illusion which creates an interesting contrast with the flat backgrounds.

The continued evolution of thought combined with skillfully executed works are indicative of a continued upward momentum in the career of this young artist.

The Turbine Art Fair will be held at Oxford Parks in Rosebank from 21 to 24 July 2022. The fair itself will be held in the basement, and is a playful, edgy, and modern take on an art fair, bringing a unique art experience that will make a mark on Joburg’s social and cultural calendars.

The Tides Will Change for The Better Series

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