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Exhibition: Heartland Recounted

Heartland Recounted – an exclusive online group exhibition presented by Artyli.com.

Artistic landscapes typify vistas that have been captured through the lens of an artistic heart and processed through the thoughts of an artist. In due course, these fleeting chronicles of space, time and socio-economic confines are encapsulated and represented as works of art. Urban development dictates continuous changes to the landscape, to such a point that dependence, stability and familiarity of landmarks become uncertain. Despite this the land will persist, keeping a record of tracks and each successive layer deposited by humanity.

Heartland Recounted represents four painters: Jane Digby, James de Knoop, Mark O’Donovan and Nico Lodos van Rensburg. Each has carefully extracted and crafted predetermined pixels from a preferred panorama and presented them to the world. Reincarnations of form, space and time. Artistic volumes condensed in one exhibition: Heartland Recounted.

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