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Product Information:

Size: 128 x 128 cm
Medium: Mixed Media on Brown Paper
Year: 2021
Shipping: This piece will be shipped, rolled up in a tube, unless otherwise requested.

Created in charcoal, spray paint and acrylic on brown paper Ludumo interrogates individual and social identity, political power, racism, stereotypes and stagnant ways in which we perceive self and others. The artist gives language to assist in the narrative and of the concept of ‘blackness’.

Ludumo’s solid mark making denies detail in the solid blackness of the portrait, strongly contrasting black with a minimal use of white. Black is often associated with sophistication and power, hence the tendency to dress in black for formal events. While black used by artists is achromatic; absorbing all other colours as opposed to white; reflecting all other colours, ‘black people’ are certainly NOT without, but rather exude a large variety of hues and exist within, light.

Ludumo Toto Maqabuka relates: “Tones of ‘blackness’ extend beyond any darkness associated with the perception of black. I attempt to broaden language and limited perceptions of blackness. This series explores the light within any perceived darkness and appreciates the individual stories that colorfully illustrate blackness.”

Captcha ColourLudumo Maqabuka

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